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Enrique Salvador E. San Agustin


I am an Entrepreneur with five years of experience doing business in the Outsourcing, Automotive and Online industries. I am also a Business Development, Sales and Communications executive/specialist with more than twenty years of experience.  I have held posts and consulting engagements in a variety of industries, including Automotive, Banking, Information-Technology, Outsourcing, and Training industries; winning several awards for Sales and Sales Management in the various companies I’ve worked with. Finally, I am a champion Public Speaker, accomplished Trainer, professional Writer and TV Show Host of the SME Forum on the Global News Network (GNN).
Enrique Salvador E. San Agustin

Enrique Salvador E. San Agustin

Activities and Hobbies:
Being a Toastmaster, Writing and Blogging, Playing Chess and Poker, Networking (Meeting People), Doing my Job (It’s fun doing what I do), Advocating the use of the Air Engine (This is fun too)

Mobile (Philippines):


Facebook (CLICK HERE)

Sample Writing Works:
Pen Strokes (CLICK HERE)
Flashforward (CLICK HERE)

My Toastmasters Club:
Butter n’ Toast (CLICK HERE)

The Air Engine:
Running on Air Blog (CLICK HERE)
Running on Air Group (CLICK HERE)

Excellent Communication Skills:

To begin with, let me state that I’ve won many “Toastmasters’ public speaking contests”. In fact, I had nearly won the “Nationals” (which I’ll be trying for again in 2010). Having competed in several public speaking contests, alone, should tell you just how competent I am at public speaking. In fact, I am actually paid to speak on certain topics wherein I am considered a “subject matter expert”. These subjects include, “The Business Side of Social Networking”, “Pitbulls and Entrepreneurs: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship”, “Running on Air: All about the Amazing Air Engine”, and much more.

This, of course, does not include the “training projects” I do from time to time. These trainings include, “communication skills training” (which I’ve run for companies like Metrobank, Accenture and CB Richard Ellis), “sales training” (which I’ve run for companies like Anchor Land Holdings, Webcast Technologies and Moldex Products), “financial management” (which I’ve run for Emerson), and more.

Furthermore, I am a professional freelance writer. The topics I write about range from the simple, such as “family life” or “movies”, to the complex, such as “near infrared spectroscopy” or even “aviation technology”. However, most of the articles I write about are related to business, such as “The Pitfalls of the ABN AMRO Takeover”, “The IKEA Store Business Model” or “Driving Your (SME) Business in a Financial Crisis”; some of these articles have actually won awards. Moreover, I conduct “Business Writing” and “Creative Writing” courses.

Here are some of the Public Speaking and Training Engagements I’ve conducted:

  • The B.E.S.T. Workshop – Demystifying Entrepreneurship (ongoing public seminar since 2009)
  • WeFit Solutions: English Speaking and Technical Writing (2009 to the present)
  • Emerson: Basics of Financial Management (2010 to the present)
  • CB Richard Ellis: Communication Skills Workshop (2009).
  • Webcast Technologies: Sales Training (2009).
  • Accenture: Communication Skills Workshop (2009 to the present)
  • San Beda College: “The Business Side of Social Networking” (2009)
  • PLDT SME Nation: “Pitbulls and Entrepreneurs: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship” (2009)
  • PLDT SME Nation: “The Business Side of Social Networking” (2009)
  • Metrobank: Communication Skills Workshop (2008 to 2009)
  • San Miguel Brewery: “Stand Out! – How to Distinguish Yourself from the Commercial Crowd” (2008)
  • San Miguel Brewery: “Cutting Costs” (2008)
  • Anchor Land Holdings: Sales Training (2007 to 2009)
Here are some of my Public Speaking Awards (Toastmasters, Division B, Philippines):
Winning Speech Contests

Winning Speech Contests

  • Champion: International Speech Category (2009)
  • 2nd Place: Impromptu Speech Category (2009)
  • 3rd Place: Humorous Speech Category (2009)
  • Champion: Evaluation Speech Category (2008)
  • 2nd Place: International Speech Category (2008)
  • 3rd Place: Impromptu Speech Category (2008)

Exceptional Selling Skills:

I have always been a Salesman! I don’t hide behind the many titles some people use to mask the job of “Selling” here in the Philippines. Sales is the lifeblood of any company; so why be ashamed of it? I am proud of what I do and it shows in the results of my work!

I started selling cars (freelance) even while I was still in College (University of Santo Tomas). I started to formally sell cars in 1989 for Diamond Motor Corporation. I moved up to Assistant Sales Manager in Toyota (Quezon Avenue) by 1993 and to General Sales Manager for Nissan (Commonwealth Avenue) in 1996. Through it all, I’ve consistently been one of the top producers for the companies I’ve worked for!

But cars aren’t the only things I’ve sold. When the Asian Financial Crisis hit in 1998, I’ve had to learn to sell other products and services as well. Since the Automobile Industry (in the Philippines) was experiencing one of its worst slumps in history, I’ve made the shift from selling Bank Products (International Exchange Bank in 1999) to selling IT (information Technology) hardware and software solutions (HiTech WLL, Bahrain in 2005). Again, through it all, I’ve consistently proven to be a top producer! Download my Resume on DocStoc (CLICK HERE).

Sales and Sales Management Awards I’ve received:

  • I-Bank: Best in Volume Sales (2001); Best in CA/SA Sales (2000)
  • Nissan: Dealer of the Year in Sales (1998, 1997, 1996)
  • Toyota: Salesman of the Year (1993); Runner-up for Salesman of the Year (1992)
  • Mitsubishi: Best in Truck Sales (1990, 1989); 3rd Place in Truck Sales (1987)

An Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Another aspect you might be interested in is the fact that I am also businessman. I currently co-own two companies. The first company is a family-owned business, “East Asian Engine and Parts Supply Company” (EAE), which is in the business of retrofitting old public utility buses with brand new engines. The second is “BizWiz Resources, Inc.”, which is an e-Learning site that will be launched in January 2010.

At Work

At Work

The first company I put up, however, was Westwork Animations Group, which serviced clients from the Middle East who needed to outsource their Animation Works. At first, the business did well. Sales were good and the prospects looked even better! But because of my inexperience in doing business at that time, my company had to close down in 2004 (which is why I had to get a job in Bahrain in 2005). Though this tragedy hit us hard (Read “Seven Candles” on this Blog), I learned a lot from it! This is something you just can’t learn in school!

After my Stint in Bahrain ended in 2007, I decided to go into business again. However this was delayed due to the financial predicament my parents were in at that time. I finally got to start my new business (together with my dad) in October 2008. We created East Asian Engine and Supply Company, to cater to the growing need of Public Utility Bus Companies to REPOWER or Retrofit their 15-year-old units with brand new engines. To have a clearer idea of what we do, please download my business plan on DocStoc (CLICK HERE).

At BizWiz, we have invested in the development of an e-Learning website that will cater to Filipino entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We have also designed and developed public seminars and trainings, such as the B.E.S.T. (Beyond Entrepreneur Skills Training) Workshop, which aims to arm would-be entrepreneurs with the attitudes and skills they will need to face the tough world of business.

Success in Management:

The resume I have attached to this email will show you the extent of my management ability. There was even a time (during my stint with Nissan) when I had to manage 137 people (11 Sales Managers, 117 Sales Representatives, 1 Administrative Supervisor and 8 Administrative Staff). And, in Bahrain, I had to manage 21 individuals of different nationalities and varied work skills; while, at the same time, dealing with and managing several suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors from different countries. In both cases, I have successfully achieved and even surpassed the targets the company had set for me. This is because I have never relied on the targets given to me. My personal targets have always been much higher than those assigned to me, and that attitude has always kept me at the top of my game.

Strong Systems and Numerical Skills:

The fact that I have worked in several IT or IT related companies, coupled with the fact that I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics, should already give you an idea as to how strong my systems and numerical skills are. One of my strongest abilities is that I can immediately understand how things work even if I have had no prior knowledge of the job assigned to me.

Advocating the AIR ENGINE:

Concept Drawing of the AIR CAR

I believe that my future… our future is very much connected with this technology! And I want to be the first to bring this Amazing Technology into my country!

It all started sometime in 2005. As I was doing research on Environmental Applications, I came across an amazing Car which uses Air to power it. It was Guy Negre’s Air Car that got me interested in the many different applications of the Air Engine! Since then, I have been advocating this technology whenever and wherever I could. I have even given speeches about it during Toastmasters meetings in Bahrain and in the Philippines. When I discovered BLOGGING and Social Media Networking on the Web in late October 2008, I discovered a new way of creating awareness for the AIR ENGINE! It has, since, become my passion and conviction to let the world know that our future will be “Running on Air”!

View my blog, Running on Air (CLICK HERE), to find out more about this.

ENDORSEMENTS & REFERENCES (Source – My LinkedIn Profile):

I met Boom in our Toastmasters club. Impassioned, eloquent and engaging are the words, I feel, aptly describes Boom as a speaker. He is not Division B Champion for nothing. Every time Boom delivers a speech, he leaves no doubt about his flare for public speaking. Boom is an excellent speaker, period. Yet, he also has knack for creative writing. His “Penstrokes” blog speaks well about his talent. When I need someone to write articles for me, I usually turn to Boom for help. Even if the lead-time I give him is short (less than a day to be exact), he is always able to come up with well-written articles. Boom’s strength, both as a speaker and as a writer, is more than about style. Boom speaks and writes from his heart, and that’s what sets him apart.”

Juan Roy
Senior Manager – Training and Development
Pru Life of U. K. (Philippines)

I have outsourced some of my writing requirements to Boom. Whether it is web copywriting, a blog post or an article, Boom has the skills to produce well-written and engaging write-ups. He may be expensive but I never mind paying a premium to get quality results at par or even better than native English writers.”

Buboy Lavandero
Information Technology Consultant
Logical Security Consultants, Ltd.

Enrique ‘Boom’ San Agustin is someone I have a GREAT deal of respect for. As a Toastmaster, he has certainly used the Public Speaking and Communication skills to effortlessly integrate in his CORE businesses … writing and training, especially with his consultancy work. This man is well-rounded … he can do it ALL! He is someone to count on … to be professional with his deliverables and presentations.”

Ana Marie Herrera
Strategist, Consultant, Talent Agent

Boom is multi-talented and has a multi-faceted background. He is a hard-core technical person with more than ample competencies in the soft skills. Writing is part creativity and part sweat and blood but what really drives results in this area is the writer’s purpose. Boom is a leader in the direction of authentic purpose. Sharing ideas and working with Boom has always been a pleasure.”

Raju Mandhyan
Author, Coach, Trainer
Inner Sun Consultancy

Enrique ‘Boom’ San Agustin is a great and compelling writer and speaker who can really help organizations with their copy and marketing needs. There will never be a dull moment with Boom!

Peter Allan Mariano
Business Development Director
Worldnet Business Center

Boom has a natural talent for public speaking. He possesses a rich and diverse experience that gives him the needed reference to talk just about anything from starting a business, leading an organization to life in general. Boom is a voracious researcher and a technology maven. These two passions enhance his ability to talk and offer advice on various matters. Boom is also a prolific and flexible writer. He writes well and can write practically about anything. Armed with vast exposure in various businesses, managerial experience, a hunger for knowledge and a natural people talent, Boom always has something useful to share. Boom blogs, tells stories and writes professionally. If you need someone for public speaking engagements, training or writing jobs, Boom is it.

Edwin Ebreo
President & CEO
ExeQserve Corporation

Intelligence… Creativity… Effectiveness… that is Enrique Salvador San Agustin. Boom, as he is called by friends is a professional oozing with talents. When it comes to public speaking, training and writing, Boom can “walk the talk”. You will always be moved by Boom, whether you’re listening to his speech or reading his materials, he’s definitely a winner!

Alvin Abrantes
Sales Training Manager
Green Icon Real Estate, Inc.



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