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January 1, 2011

Raju Mandhyan’s “The Power of Desire, Selflessness & True Belief”

Raju Mandhyan giving a speech at the BEST Workshop

I got one of my best Christmas gifts early this year and it came in the form of an article by my friend, Raju Mandhyan; and yes, the article was about me (and my public workshop, B.E.S.T.). So, I asked Raju if I could recopy his article for this blog.

You guys might be thinking that I’m just doing this because Raju wrote about me, right? Well… yes; however, there’s another reason. The lessons he points out in this article are truly valuable. Besides, I found it gratifying that I could actually impact others the way I had apparently impacted Raju. And, since I hold Raju in very high regard, that gratification I felt was indeed boundless!

Okay! Enough talk for me. Enjoy the article… (more…)


May 7, 2010

Jay Gatchalian’s “The REAL Dick Gordon”

Last May 1, I read a commentary in the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled, “People call me Dick” by Patricia Evangelista. In her commentary, Patricia said the she “won’t vote for Richard Gordon because he is Richard Gordon.”  Frankly, I find this statement – along with her entire article – more subjective than objective.

I wanted to write a response to Patricia’s commentary, but I couldn’t find the time. Then, just a few hours ago, I came across a “note” on Facebook from a certain Jay Gatchalian responding to Patricia Evangelista’s commentary.

At first, I thought that it would just be a bitter response by a Gordon supporter to the commentary; but as I read through the “Facebook note,” I actually found it very inspiring. So, I asked permission from Mr. Gatchalian if I could re-publish his note in this blog, and he agreed. This is a “must read” folks!

Jay, thanks for letting me re-publish your message…

The REAL Dick Gordon – A response to Patricia Evangelista’s “People call me Dick” – by Jay Gatchalian

Richard "Dick" Gordon

Patricia Evangelista spoke her mind and revealed her personal dislike for Dick Gordon. She’s entitled to voice her opinion. Dick Gordon is not her cup of tea. That’s fine, it’s a free universe. I’m sure there are people who share her disdain for the Man Who Would be President. You are entitled to your thoughts.

Now let me share mine. First, for the sake of public disclosure, let me say that I was a former volunteer and assistant to Senator Gordon during his days at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). I first met him as a college student at a presentation at the George Washington University in Washington DC back in 1997. I was curious to see what he and his team created in Subic and Olongapo. He asked me if I wanted to help my country and I said yes. Good! he said, come out to Subic, volunteer and we’ll get to work. That being said let me share my thoughts and impressions of my former boss and his persona/temperament to lead a country of millions of Filipinos. (more…)

April 4, 2009

An Open Letter to Chip Tsao (The War at Home)

Chip Tsao, Author of "The War at Home"

Chip Tsao, Author of "The War at Home"

Dear Mr. Chip Tsao,

I believe that washing Chinese toilets and doing Chinese laundry are decent jobs. Unlike some Filipinos, I am not insulted by the term “nation of servants”.  I believe that being of service to others is a very noteworthy endeavor. Having been an OFW myself, I have nothing but the highest regard for my countrymen who have given up a lot to be able to save their families. However, I do not believe that, just because we serve you, we should just keep our mouths shut when we are wronged! Yes, you read it right… when we are wronged!

You have errantly mixed two issues that are totally separate and should not even be considered in the same light. The issue of our domestic helpers in Hong Kong and the issue of our countries’ claims over Spratly Islands are worlds apart! (more…)

November 7, 2008

Why I became a Fan of Geneva Cruz…

This will shock most of you…

Those who know me, know that I’ve never been a fan of Actors or Actresses, Foreign or Local.  But recently, I came across a note on Facebook that gave me a different perspective of a certain Singer-Actress. Her name? Geneva Cruz-Miller! The perspective? A very human and humble perspective! It takes a strong yet humble person to write this note. Maybe you should read the note and and judge for yourself (By the way, I got permission from Geneva to post it here)…

Geneva and Family... and don't tell me you don't know her husband!

Geneva and Family... and don't tell me you don't recognize KC!

A letter to my fellow Filipinos

Facebook Note – Friday, October 3, 2008 at 6:53am
by: Geneva Cruz-Miller


I must admit that I’ve made some wrong choices in life. I’ve forgotten who I really was for a long time- I was confused, distracted by the trials and changes in my personal life, but most importantly, I have forgotten to take good care of my voice.

I would like to apologize for my mistakes, my wrong doings- the foolish words that I might have said on T.V. and radio in the past and how I acted in public at times when I was at my most vulnerable phase in life, and for being confused and for temporarily forgetting who I really was.

I would also like to thank my followers as well as my critics for opening my eyes to what was really going on with me as an artist, the problems were staring right at my face but I was too blind to see. I truly am sorry. (more…)

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