Pen Strokes

January 1, 2011

Raju Mandhyan’s “The Power of Desire, Selflessness & True Belief”

Raju Mandhyan giving a speech at the BEST Workshop

I got one of my best Christmas gifts early this year and it came in the form of an article by my friend, Raju Mandhyan; and yes, the article was about me (and my public workshop, B.E.S.T.). So, I asked Raju if I could recopy his article for this blog.

You guys might be thinking that I’m just doing this because Raju wrote about me, right? Well… yes; however, there’s another reason. The lessons he points out in this article are truly valuable. Besides, I found it gratifying that I could actually impact others the way I had apparently impacted Raju. And, since I hold Raju in very high regard, that gratification I felt was indeed boundless!

Okay! Enough talk for me. Enjoy the article… (more…)


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